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  1. Truly shocking, Chris. May your awareness-raising reach many millions of people in order for everyone to think of the awful impact of plastic waste. Have shared. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Looks amazing! Seeing this makes me want to relocate to Midway and dedicate my life helping little baby albatross. Really effective piece, you definitely raised my awareness.

  3. Chris and crew- I’ve been watching your work, haunted by your photos. It’s made me change my lifestyle. Thank you for bringing this reality to our unseeing eyes. May you start the healing of the world, and may people start to participate.

  4. Ever since you began posting your first photos online I was blown away by the shattering immediacy and importance of the communication you are making. Please do whatever you can to spread your work as far and as wide and as fast as possible.
    I will too.
    Never give up.

  5. To Chris Jordan and your crew,
    I would like to thank you very much for the work you have done to showcase the man-made destruction occurring at Midway Atoll. After viewing your Midway trailer, I sent a broadcast e-mail to my colleagues in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and encouraged them to recycle their plastic bottle caps. Since then, we have set up plastic bottle cap collection sites around the Pacific region and have recycled thousands upon thousands of caps. I am planning on continuing this effort and hope that I can share your completed Midway movie to my FAA colleagues to re-inspire them to continue their recycling efforts.

    P.S. I will be heading back to Midway on the same flight as you and your crew on February 02nd thru 09th, 2012. Keep up the great work!

    Respectfully yours,

    Evan Kondo
    Honolulu Control Facility/Operational Evolution Partnership (HCF/OEP) District
    Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

  6. Shocking truth! Think better before opening the next plastic bottle….
    Good work.

  7. Shocking! There has got to be a way to clean this up. “”IDEA”” A couple of U.S. Navy ships on a couple days of working liberty would initially clean it up. It would provide good public relations tool for them as they have a phenominal environmental program with regards to plastic garbge disposal. Of course, a one time clean up of the atoll would not suffice. No matter how much awareness is generated in regards to plastics disposal the problem will never go away. So, a yearly clean up will be needed. Now the question is how to proceedwith this novel idea ?

  8. an impressive wake up call for humanity….
    may you continue to make the whole world be aware of the lights and shadows of our time…

  9. At the time I first saw this footage I was shocked not only at what was happening to these birds, but also because it made me realize how negligent I have been in my life with plastic waste . Seeing these images have made me change my life. This is so important for the world to see; we are so comfortable being blind to what is happening. Thank you for opening my eyes, I will continue passing this on to others.

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  11. yesterday I saw this video and it really gave me goosebumps. at first in a positive way when the real beauty of life and nature is shown, but after that i was shocked… we, all human beings on this planet, don’t know what we are doing to this planet and its whole life… it’s unbelievable.. and i definitely agree: we are comfortably blind of what is happening to this planet – right in front of us because actually we are the ones who’re doing it!! I am sorry for all of that and wish i could do more than to spread this video and its content and stop acting like an idiot buying plastic bags etc.
    thank you for that wake up call and hopefully the whole world will recognize this one!

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