10 Feb

Midway V – Poem: On witnessing an albatross feeding

On witnessing an albatross feeding

To witness a young albatross open wide
its translucent, newborn throat,
open the soft, pink shell to its mother,
to the contents of the sea she carried
in her body for thousands of miles,
for over twenty million years – to watch,
today, the chick wholly embrace
the amber-colored squid oil
and cloaked shards of plastic,
to see it all slip down in an act
of ancient swallowing – is to witness
eons of trust absorbed into nature’s gut.
And for our own trusting throats
defended by lips, teeth and taste buds,
we evolved to sweeten what poisons us.


2 thoughts on “Midway V – Poem: On witnessing an albatross feeding

  1. What images this poem evokes. the comparison with our diets….at least we have a choice and the ability to discern proper diet from plastic…from poison.

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