24 Apr

MIDWAY – April 2012 – Miguel update

Dear friends,

Our team just returned from another exhausting and richly rewarding trip to Midway. This time we brought with us the new RED Epic camera, and our albatross friends brought us stunning visual gifts as we recorded their takeoff runs, water-skimming glides, soarings, and feedings, all in gorgeous ultra slow motion.

One of our first stops on the island was to check up on our little friend Miguel who we witnessed hatch back in February. When we left the island last time, Miguel was looking weak and was having trouble standing up to receive his feedings, so our hopes for the little guy were not high.

Here is an update on what we found when we arrived at his nest:


2 thoughts on “MIDWAY – April 2012 – Miguel update

  1. I understand how donations are helping you to film what is happening on this island, is any donation going towards helping to clean up? I’d be there with a rake if it were possible! Is anyone doing cleanup or just filming? I’ve worked with our local Keep North Platte & Lincoln County Beautiful organization on keeping litter and trash off roadways and getting people to recycle, but this video just breaks my heart. I have birds, ducks, geese, chickens, guineas, peacocks here on my little farm in Nebraska, and I can’t imagine the suffering these birds are having! :'(

  2. I war born on midway island in 09 09 1964 my lifetime wish is to return to see my birthplace is to my birth place I have a strong desire to help me achieve my dream of returning to my birth place. Jeffrey D Bryant

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