12 Jul

Plastic Beach / Kickstarter Call to Action

Hello everyone and thank you so much for your support.

We wanted to share with you this disturbing video captured by our team on Midway. A beach “cleanup” quickly reveals both the real magnitude of the plastic pollution problem and the shocking fact that we humans are also eating plastic junk, not only figuratively, but quite literally as well.

**CALL TO ACTION** Over 1,200 donors have pledged close to $80,000 to help fund our film. Thank you so much!!

With only 5 days to go (!!) it is critical to enlist more donors as soon as possible! Please visit our Kikstarter and share the link with your networks(on facebook, by email, etc)


We really need a final push to reach our goal! Your help is essential to us. Thank you so much!!

The Midway Team

8 thoughts on “Plastic Beach / Kickstarter Call to Action

  1. Watching all the tiny plastic fragments wash in with each wave is so upsetting to me. I’m thousands of miles away, but from my project on the Ohio River I’m finding all the same stuff that ends up in the digestive track of an albatross. I hope your film is widely seen and taken to heart.

  2. 10 years ago i was in bali indo. there was a large storm that littered the beach with plastic now the beach was about 1/8 of a mile wide and for as far as the eye could see long the plastic that washed up on shore was at least one foot 12 inches deep and you could not see any sand anywhere i was in disbelief i ask one of the locals what happened and they said it happens from time to time when storms pass all the plastic that is in the ocean washes up on the beach. they began cleaning the beaches with machines people everyone was helping they gathered it all up over the next few days and piled it on to a big barge and towed it out to the ocean and dumped it again.i could not have ever fathomed this if told the story but i seen this with my own two eyes.this clip validates the severity of our pollution and it will continue until we educate the entire world of the problems regarding pollution!it should be mandated for educators to teach appon this subject of what we are doing to our enviroment.i see grave consernes when traveling to third world nations regarding there practices with the enviroment as well as our own!!IT TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE!THANKS CHRIS JORDAN FOR BRINGING THIS LIGHT!

  3. it makes me sick to my stomach….. we are killing our beautiful nature!! Something has to be done – it’s not late still!!

  4. What happens to the plastics they are cleaning up? Do they return back to the sea? Do the plastics we put in our recycling bins actually get recycled?

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