23 Jul


Dear friends and supporters of MIDWAY,

I’m just back from a day of filming on Midway Atoll– wind whipping off the water at Midway’s South Beach, and hundreds of young albatrosses taking off out to sea for the first time. We lined up our telephoto lens on a popular bird runway (a gap between the bushes that lets the fledglings get a running start) and got a smorgasbord of gorgeous shots in ultra-slow-motion: wings pumping, eyes focused like ninjas, sand flying off their sprinting feet, wide images with the breaking surf in the background, closeups of faces and feathers in the wind, long follow shots of birds flying way out to sea, plus a few hilarious wipeouts and face-plants in the sand. We are going to be able to cut together an incredible fledging sequence, as these are the albatrosses who are are making it, surviving and thriving despite the scourge of plastic that pollutes their stomachs and our world.

And here’s the coolest part of all: it was YOU who made it possible for us to be here to film this magnificent sight. Wow! What a privilege! And we’re bringing it back to share with the whole world. Thank you all so incredibly much; you will not be disappointed!

With hugs and love from Midway Island,




  1. Hello, I am planning boat journey and one of the stops I am thinking of is at Midway Island. I’m having trouble finding whether or not there is diesel fuel resources there for purchase, like at a marina. Do you know or do you know of a contact there at the island?


  2. Hello, Thank you for your work. That reminds us what is really important and it is to love and see all beings as one. Everything affects one another. The more we crave, hate and mistreat the world the more we are receiving that back. Stopping consumerism, hatred and lazyness are urgencies. Thank you!!!!

  3. These are the most mind blowing accounts of how far past the point of no return we are. This area Midway has experienced so much devastation from the war alone. I am making everyone I know aware of this cause. Thank you for the call for help.

  4. Thank you, your work’s Beautiful!
    I’m just wondering if there is any effort going on about cleaning up these islands, it’s really painful to see these birds die like that because we dump shit in the water!!! who these islands belong to?

  5. This needs to be shared with the entire world. Thank You for your incredibly important work! It so reminds me of the Fall of the Roman Empire. Where politics is given priority while the city burns. My God forgive us all for polluting the only world we will ever know. I think we need fleets of skimmer ships collecting this trash 24/7. We MUST outlaw dumping trash in our oceans! God Bless all the animals and people who suffer because of trash. Lisette

  6. I would love to upload the trailer ‘Message from Midway’ on my blog to spread the word. I live on an island and the plastic pollution never ceases to amaze me. May i have permission to upload?

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