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“I envision our project not as being a bunch of us tramping around the island with cameras; instead I hope it will be an emotional and spiritual journey by a deeply connected group of artists, to honor the issues that Midway represents. Maybe it is not too ambitious to hope—if we can fully rise to the occasion—that we might be able to co-create a multi-media work of art that tenderly witnesses this middle point that humanity finds itself at right now. And in the eye of the storm —the apex of the Gyre—perhaps our collaborative efforts can create a container for healing that might have some small effect on the collective choice that is to come.”

– Photographer and artist Chris Jordan


Following Chris Jordan’s expeditions to Midway and the lifecycle of the Albatross, “Midway” is more than just a documentary or a film about wildlife at risk. “Midway” brings us an opportunity for us to look at our world in close-up, to see how our lives are impacting the planet, and to find new approaches to moving forward.  Production of the feature film “Midway” continues through 2013.


Transmedia Release

Numerous short videos and back stories will continue to be made available, both on the Midway Journey YouTube site, and disseminated through social networks. The goal of the team at Midway Journey is to continue to spread the word about this project, and that means continually expanding our audience. Images, stories and videos will be periodically released online and through mainstream media outlets as the film is shot and in the run-up to its release.


Chris Jordan’s stunning images of the tragedy unfolding on Midway have been seen around the world.

On March 17th 2011, Chris won the prestigious Prix Pictet Commission in Paris for the series “Midway: Message from the gyre”:

In awarding the third Prix Pictet Commission, Jacques de Saussure, Senior Partner of Pictet & Cie, said, “His haunting images from the Midway atoll have exactly the qualities we are seeking for the Commission.”

These images can also be seen on the photographers website:



Chris Jordan and his wife, poet Victoria Sloan Jordan, plan a release of a collaborative book that illuminates the multi-layered metaphoric landscape of Midway through photographs and poetry.

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  2. Today I read how plastic is killing sea birds 600kms off the Australian mainland on Lord Howe Island.

    I was moved when I found out about Chris Jordan’s project to awaken all of us to the awful reality unfolding in the Pacific.

    To contemplate that these sublimely majestic creatures are cruelly suffering in order for our species to enjoy our profligacy at their expense is a burden, I for one find unbearable and unconscionable.

    I am not sure yet how all this will turn around, but ultimately I want to make choices so that the way I live now does not imperil any marine ( or other) species.

    I await Chris’s film with anticipation and a readiness to take some responsibility. We all have a stake in acting to sustain the future of our living planet.

    Mike Robertson, Sydney, Australia

  3. Help! Hell! I feel so sick! and so miderable… but seriously, so what now? Dig my plastic lighter in the garden may be a silly starting point, but besides committing suicide what can we do? what do you do? Thank you soooo much for sharing these fotos and tracks; yes, there are things which I and I can do, and I shall do some of them, definitely. Could we use your photos for a campaign?

  4. eu porsol e devo ajuda mais não so eu que tenho que ajuda .As pessoa tem obrigação de ajuda na corleta de lixo.

  5. Dear Chris,
    thanks a lot for sharing such information. I am from France living in China and such pictures/videos are really necessary to educate people.
    Fortunately, we have good communication platforms such as Fcbk, Twitter ..
    I am very grateful of what you do !

    Best regards

    Tianjin – China

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  7. What can we do? We can start by using our own fabric shopping bags, over and over. Did you know that worldwide more than a trillion plastic bags are made each year and 200 billion liters of drinking water is consumed from plastic bottles. Get a metal drink bottle and fill it up. Recycling is not cutting it. only 1 in 5 plastic bottles gets recycled. We can make those little changes right now, and reduce the plastic while we figure out other ways….don’t give up.

  8. What a searing video on YouTube. Thank you. When in 2013 will the film itself be out? And even more important: what can we do beyond beach cleanups, personal discipline, and telling friends/family about the video and the film? The consequences of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch could be summarized in a poster from the film that should be front and centre in everyone’s home, but even that may not move politicians and businesses that rely on manufacturing disposables.

  9. I am grateful to you. Thanks to your movie, I really felt how urgent it is to take action in our everyday life. To help people change, facts and numbers are useful, but images and poetry can be so much more powerful. Again: thank you.

  10. Fans hunger for an update, even if its one that tells us to calm down. What’s the proposed finish date? (If you’ve already posted it an I’ve missed it in a cursory look, please forgive me.)

  11. Please make sure you include suggestions on how to reduce your environmental impact in this film. Hopefully some people might get the message and make changes!

    I am devastated when I travel to the beaches of Australia and see the shores choked with rubbish. The Gold Cost beaches need to be ploughed every evening with a tractor because idiots leave so much rubbish behind.

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