18 Sep

We’re still flying! And new Midway film teaser…









Dear supporters of Midway:

Thank you from deep in our hearts for all the support and comments and well-wishes. Midway has been shouldering the blustery winds of film post-production, taking its inspiration from the albatrosses’ winged perseverance through all that man and nature send their way.

We are proud to announce that a work-in-progress version of the film screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival last week, and had several edifying showings over the course of the festival. Co-directors Jordan and Emiliani are now back to work polishing a final version of our film. Our new goal: another festival premiere in early 2014.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, please check out the new film teaser created for TIFF at www.midwayfilm.com.

It’s been a long flight, but Midway is closer than ever…and we are so grateful you are with us on this journey.

In deep appreciation,
the Midway film team

14 Jun


Dear friends,

We are absolutely thrilled that we just hit our 20% mark on our Kickstarter campaign – THANK YOU!!! – Every dollar counts, please spread the word & help us keep the momentum going so we may make our goal!


We’ve also added a couple of other ways you can contribute… via Paypal

And via check to the following address:

Midway Film
c/o Possibility Entertainment LLC
P.O. Box 1424 – NY, NY 10276


We are also extremely grateful by the traffic that the trailer is getting. A week ago today, was one of the highest views we’ve had in a single day. 108,000 people watched it on that Monday.  And in total, 3.8 million people have tuned in. It’s wonderful to see how this story is resonating with people from all over the world.



Our team is in the process of getting ready for the next Midway expedition. We will be on the island from June 28th to July 5th.  This is the time of the year when the Albatrosses fledge the island…  and as we know and experienced in the past, many of them don’t make it.

We will once again be bringing a camera that has the ability to capture stunning ultra slow motion, as can be seen in some of the new footage in our trailer.



Please stay tuned and keep sharing the trailer and the Kickstarter link so that we can get this film made!!   Thank you for joining us on this journey.


With love and gratitude,

The Midway film team.





10 Feb

Midway V – Poem: On witnessing an albatross feeding

On witnessing an albatross feeding

To witness a young albatross open wide
its translucent, newborn throat,
open the soft, pink shell to its mother,
to the contents of the sea she carried
in her body for thousands of miles,
for over twenty million years – to watch,
today, the chick wholly embrace
the amber-colored squid oil
and cloaked shards of plastic,
to see it all slip down in an act
of ancient swallowing – is to witness
eons of trust absorbed into nature’s gut.
And for our own trusting throats
defended by lips, teeth and taste buds,
we evolved to sweeten what poisons us.


06 Feb

Midway V – The first feedings

Chris holds plastic pieces removed from a days-old albatross chick.

Although it is only February, Spring has arrived for the albatross on Midway.  It’s birthing season and hundreds of thousands of chicks are hatching over the next two weeks on every available square meter of island. It’s an ecstatic time and we’ve spent our first few days photographing and filming the cuteness, buoyed by the sheer, bubbling abundance of chicks breathing into the world for the first time. And among all the nests rustling with new life, the juvenile albatross dance their courtship routines, clapping, clattering, popping, cracking and whistling in a ’round the clock celebration complete with the sounds of fireworks.

We are caught up in all this lushness and fluff. It is almost as if the plastic horror has vanished. Barely a bottle cap or toothbrush can be spotted among all the green growth. In fact, plastic carried here in the bellies of albatross in years past (5 tons per year by Fish & Wildlife estimations) still remains but has gone underground. Grass and weeds have grown up, sand and soil have shifted, covering much of the evidence. But today: a dead chick curled in its nest, a few days old, at most. Inside its stomach we found four shards of plastic large enough to block tiny organs. Large enough that on a human scale it would be equal to eating a few credit cards for dinner. We were shocked to discover that plastic made up one of the first meals for this chick, and saddened to realize what this means for the other chicks just coming into the world on Midway.

02 Apr

Midway Journey III – Poem: Courtship Medley à la Albatross

At this moment on Midway Atoll, the juvenile albatrosses are in the throes of their courtship dances. Their nonstop rave is the main source of all the buoyant motion and noise on the island as they seek a bond before flying out to sea to feed for the remainder of the summer. In this poem I’ve attempted to capture the sights and sounds of this ecstatic dancing season.

Courtship Medley à la Albatross

It begins with a prance dance,
a tiptoe head-bob waddle
and a wing fluff.  Then, fake a preen,
shake out a sideways
head-breaking shriek,
a chair-leg-floor-scrape scream,
and sidle into a crooked raga
with fast and furious tabla drums,
and applause, applause, wait –

it’s a drill-hammer fixing
a squeaky door behind the beak,
a flanking feather-grab tease
to a show of chocolate origami wings,
quick switcheroo to a bass kazoo,
throw the head up high, trumpet
to blow the clouds from the sky,
it’s a match, it’s a mate, a pact
to hatch an egg, raise a chick,

then bid adieu until next season,
dancing days forever over
in favor of a lifelong bond.

~Victoria Sloan Jordan


photo: kris krug

18 Sep

Photography Ethics

The amount of plastic objects that we are finding inside of the albatross carcasses that cover Midway Island is so shocking that it might be hard to believe.

As soon as we landed on the island, we all agreed to adhere to a strict work ethic that is summarized in these three rules:

  • No plastic added.  We never add any additional plastic to any images or compositions. What you’ll see it what was there.
  • No rearranging. The plastic contents of the rib cages are not rearranged in any way.
  • OK to remove. We allow ourselves to occasionally remove from the frame a few objects that might obstruct the view, such as twigs, feathers, grass leaves, or pieces of plastic from the top layer.

Chris Jordan explains these rules in more detail in the following video.