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  1. I’d like to make italian subtitles for this movie, could you tell if, and were, it’s possible to get it? Do you have any script to facilitate the job? Are you interested on this? Please, let me know.

    Thank you for this documentary.


  2. Dear Chris,

    Congratulations : your film and your message are beautiful.
    However, don’t you think that, on this precise case of Midway Island, the pollution doesn’t only come from today but above all, from the presence of American and Japanese soldiers during WW2 and the terrible battle of Midway (and what they left behind)??
    Otherwise, you’d see the same problems with birds on islands like Hawaï, Galapagos, Northern Vanuatu or Easter Island. And it’s apparently not the case… At least with the same intensity.
    I’d be interested to receive your point of view about this.
    Sincerely yours,
    Ivan P. Greindl, DDS

  3. Hi! I’m from Australia and was wondering if there was any way to view this film from down under! Really excited about this film! Thanks.

  4. You shouldn’t let these people misrepresent you without context like this:


    I had no idea what they were speaking of until three Google searches later, and I’m a diver who does harbor cleanups.

    You have a real message. Don’t be lost in “What did this celebrity do that was shocking?!” sort of deceptive headlines. I’d be pissed if I had a clear and present message and it was represented this way.

    I didn’t know what I was looking at, I didn’t want to sit through something so devoid of context, and when I found out what it was, I was pissed at how they couldn’t leave a single instance of description.

  5. Kudos to you & your team!

    Thank you for your work! May you be blessed with the opportunity to see the positive change the will come from your work!

    Best wishes from Canada,

  6. I just watched the Upworthy piece on your efforts. Wow! I loved it. It felt so nice to be reminded.

    I bet this piece alone launched many to explore the world of plastics on their own. In these times of easy persuasion, what an important thing to find motivation to seek, explore, and test the truth of one’s own volition. Thanks for providing that spark (and then some).

    Mainly I’m commenting because I think the opening quote is one of the most beautiful sentences I’ve ever heard.

    “Do we have the courage to face the realities of our time; and allow ourselves to feel deeply enough that it transforms ourselves and our futures?”

  7. I find it somewhat odd that these birds have seemingly no instinct at all as to what is food and what is not. How are all the plastic pieces ending up inside of them? Are they truly picking them up and eating them? Are they from fish they have consumed, and did the fish eat them without knowing it is not food? I must be completely ignorant of the instinctual knowledge these birds do not possess. In Indiana, none of our local foul eat anything that is not food. Chickens, though not very bright, would not eat plastic bottle tops. So please explain to me how this is happening. Additionally, explain the comment in the beginning of the film stating that we are also consuming plastic. How? and Thank you.

  8. We are having a Midway Island Veterans, Dependents, Civilians, and Battle of Midway Survivors Reunion June 5trh thru the 8th; 2014 in Glasgow, Kentucky (home of Battle of Midway Survivor John Wood. Wood you be able to attend?

  9. Hola,estamos muy intrigados en saber cuando se estrena su pelicula. No encontramos nada de que se haya llevado a termino. Por favor podria darnos alguna explicacion. Usted recibio 100.000 dolares en donaciones y la pelicula completa o su mencion de finalizacion no la encontramos por ninguna parte. Gracias y esperamos su respuesta.

    Atte. Maria y 50 personas mas.

  10. Hi great film and thankyou for helping the birds. I am an Australian conservationist and Documentary producer and would like to know if any plans have taken place to clean up the island. Kind regards Neville.

  11. What a wonderful project. Its a pity though that I’ve had no updates for a very very long time on where this project is up to and my donation promises of $75 through kickstarter was never fulfilled. I’m hoping that midway is successful but Chris and the team really need to get back to the community that is supporting him and let us know whats going on!!!

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