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Chris Jordan – director

Chris Jordan is an internationally acclaimed artist and cultural activist. His images explore contemporary mass culture from a variety of photographic and conceptual perspectives, connecting the viewer viscerally to the enormity and power of humanity’s collective unconscious. Edge-walking the lines between art and activism, beauty and horror, abstraction and representation, the near and the far, the visible and the invisible, his haunting works ask us to look both inward and outward at the traumatized landscape of our collective choices. Jordan’s multi-award winning work reaches an increasingly broad audience through his exhibitions, books, website, interviews on radio and television, and speaking engagements and school visits all over the world.



Jan Vozenilek – cinematographer

Jan is a multi-talented cinematographer and photographer, and founder of Copper Sky Productions based in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Established in 1998, his film production company has created numerous short documentaries, travel films and corporate promos for an array of clients worldwide. Jan’s passions include environmental education and telling extraordinary stories that bring together people, nature, cinematic beauty, and history.



Stephanie Levy – producer
Stephanie is an internationally recognized award winning producer.  She recently produced the independent feature film, David, winner of many prestigious awards, including: the Ecumenical Prize at the Montreal World Film Festival, Special Jury Award at the Napa Valley Film Festival. Stephanie is a committed animal advocate, developing community educational outreach programs, and producing short films and PSAs designed to raise awareness towards the compassionate treatment of animals.  Her nurturing and empathetic nature combined with considerable business savvy and experience, brings a focused and sharp eye to every project she undertakes.
Stephanie is so pleased to be part of the MIDWAY team, a visual feature length journey into the alarmingly sad effect of plastic garbage in the Pacific Ocean. She bows in gratitude daily.


Jim Hurst – sound engineer, cinematographer

Jim Hurst is a photographer, cinematographer and sound recordist. His recent credits include the award-winning film Bag It, the National Geographic Adventure series First Ascent, and the controversial film Schooling the World.


Joe Schweers – cinematographer

Joe has been involved in the film industry for several years as a cinematographer and editor on many projects, primarily music videos and documentaries. He studied at the Art Institute of Vancouver and graduated with honors. He spent many years of his childhood growing up in the forest behind his house, and now, with a strong passion for nature and wildlife, he faces each project with an honest and curious eye, always striving to present truth with his lens. Joe enjoys studying and practicing film making techniques as well as figuring out a few new ones and taking them to the field to test them out. He often uses this as an excuse to stop everything and to get outside. From each new project and experience, he takes in valuable information on the art of film making and the little things that make the world such a beautiful and wonderful place.


Victoria Sloan Jordan – associate producer


Victoria is the associate producer and assistant for the Midway Film project, handling tasks such as travel logistics, assembling budgets, and grant writing. Victoria is also a poet whose work has appeared in various venues, including Callaloo and The North American Review, and was recently featured on Her poetry has enhanced the Midway Film blog ( and she continues to write pieces for the upcoming mobile app and book projects.


Manuel Maqueda – Associate Producer / Transmedia


Manuel Maqueda is an international entrepreneur, activist and author.  He co-incepted the Midway project with Chris and provided incubation and initial fiscal sponsorship for it -as well as support and guidance in many ways.  A recognized activist on plastic pollution, he is a the founder of El Plástico Mata and a co-founder of the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Twitter: @maqueda

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  3. Hello – I’m hoping to speak with someone about using 3 1-second shots from a Midway Journey clip we found on youtube for an upcoming documentary about ocean conservation.

    Would you mind emailing me so I can pass on more information about the project? I am also contacting Chris Jordan, under separate cover, about his still images.

    What you are doing looks extraordinary. Eagerly awaiting your film!

    Beth Poague
    Research Supervisor

  4. Dear Midway film Crew ;
    Thank you for taking time ,money and energy to make these docs of your about Midway . My name is David, Canadian residing in Japan for over 20 yrs. I run a small NGO concern , am seeking ways to get a team from Tokyo to Midway but cannot seem to find any flights to the island, do you know of any ? We are going there to test the preparations for a very big clean up of tsunami debris that is headed for Midway , Hawaii and Canada , West Coast US from this Jan 2012 to 2015 or so. I need to find the costs , flights and someone on Midway to be a contact for us. Would appreciate any info you may have ! You can see more about our efforts on my web –
    Thank you all

  5. I lived on Midway in 1974-1976 when my husband was in the navy. My drem has always been to go back and visit. Do you think I’ll ever get the oppertunity?

  6. Having spent a couple of nights on Midway back in November and December I understand the environment and what you’re trying to accomplish to some degree. The number of Albatross is incredible which is amazing when you consider they’re in the midst of an indescribable amount of trash that floats in from the ocean.

    I don’t think people really grasp how remote Midway is. For me the example was flying into Midway on a very black night. Not only were there the hours of flight-time for our little aircraft to reach there. On a moonless night, there was the sight of the singular lights of the runway in the midst of a completely black abyss called the Pacific Ocean. Seeing this I got a distinct feeling “there is no where else to go” than to land at Midway, there were no other alternatives. I have not felt that anywhere else in the world and I have been to very many places.

    I am looking forward to your work and the final movie when it’s finished.



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  8. Thank you guys for showing this to the world.
    We man need to understand that we are just borrowing the planet to life and enjoy it. Not the make it into a wastedump. There is no ther planet like earth where we can escape to if it gets to bad for us if we destroid all wildlife and nature.

    Thats what the bible means by mankind will destroy it self.

    Lets learn from that and safe what we still can, lets undo what we did wrong.
    Lets take action, we hold the future in our hands, lets join those hands globaly.

    Again thank you guys, great job keep up the spirit.

    Mariano Zamorano
    Zooconsultant en Zooeducator
    Curator of rare species and breeds
    Geilenkirchen- Germany

  9. As former biologist/entomologist/marine biologist-turned professional 15 years in web…you can imagine my enjoyment with seeing your work and message that has been a long time coming. I’m Hawaiian/Samoan blood, living in California, my folks lived on Kauai, and we visited Midway in 2000 when it was still open once a week to a few lucky batch of visitors. I’ll never forget seeing the skeletal remains of Goonys with Bic lighters still in their gut and the colorful international trinkets of washed ashore and piled high like stacks of driftwood — all serving as death mines for wildlife and reminding us that even in the middle of the Pacific, there’s literally nowhere to hide. Can’t wait to get out there again some day and shoot more. Bravo to you all…and swim in pairs 🙂

  10. Beautiful work and film. We need more efforts that combine science and film to provoke thought and ignite change if we’re going to save the natural world. Should you ever need a biologist for technician work/ecology/coffee runs, please check out my blog on my graduate work in conservation biology. Kudos to you, I’ll be sharing this trailer and eagerly awaiting the final product.

  11. Dear Fellows

    Amazing job! The images shown at your web site makes me to think, as Environmental Analist, what are we doing with our planet? What can we do to improve the environmental quality of our planet.
    It is a hard task to work with environmental analysis with such economical and political pressures.
    Thank you so much for share such touching images!

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